Funding Matters

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Merger, acquisitions & disposals and business succession

We work with our clients to help them to understand what’s been happening in business and where it’s going.

We help them to raise the finance required to fund growth, acquisition, merger, scale up or business succession objectives.

We often find that each party to a transaction can require a different approach for owners, new management team, family members, exiting shareholders.

Their objectives, interests and agendas – although similar – the route they take to arrive at an agreement that suits everyone involved can be quite different.

How we can help

We will help you plan and to prepare for the various stages of the transfer, sale or succession. We will review the options available to you and the business and we discuss the choices available that are most likely to achieve your objectives – and the financial return you require.

Through effective forward planning we help to minimise tax liabilities by structuring the transaction appropriately. And we ensure that all the tax reliefs, allowances and planning opportunities available to the owners/directors have been thoroughly examined, leaving no stone unturned.

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