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Simon, co-director and Chartered Accountant has worked with SMEs and owner managed businesses for 25+ years.

Simon advises on all aspects of accountancy, tax and year-end reporting to Companies House and HMRC, cloud bookkeeping systems and good financial management.

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The Chancellor’s May economy statement: all about energy

Economy Statement In late May, the Chancellor announced new measures to counter the rising cost of living, in particular energy prices. Source: Ofgem. Initial measures for 2022 In early February 2022, the Chancellor announced a package of measures to reduce […]
Managing your business through high inflation

Managing your business through high inflation

Businesses trying to cope with 9%-10% inflation face a difficult balancing act. For many there is a stark choice between potentially alienating customers by increasing prices too sharply or absorbing increased costs and risking their own survival.  Staff shortages and […]
Cashflow planning tips for the new year

Cashflow planning tips for the new year

Cash flow and business planning in these uncertain times may appear difficult but there are some practical steps you can take to minimise potential disruption to your business Review your Budgets (see: Budgeting for an uncertain year ahead) and set […]

Budgeting for an uncertain year ahead

So, what is 2022 likely to look like?  Probably, what you forecast, then go out and make of it. The most important thing we know about the future is that it is unpredictable, so to plan for this we need […]

MD “the boss”: succession planning

Despite the words of Daltrey and Townsend all those many years ago, making light of the changeover from the old to the new, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss, the transition from one MD or the boss […]

Autumn budget: business taxes

Overall the UK autumn budget is uneventful and some of the announcements outlined below will not impact Scottish businesses. We look forward to the Scottish budget on the 9 of December and will be sharing announcements that will have a […]

18 Point Tax Year End Checklist

Before the current tax year ends, it’s worthwhile asking yourself ‘have I utilised all tax allowances and exemptions available to me, my family, and/or business?’. To help you we’ve outlined 18 opportunities that may be available for personal and for […]

IHT receipts reach £6 billion record

The amount of inheritance tax (IHT) collected by HMRC over the past year reached a record £6 billion, some £1 billion more than the previous 12 months. This increase comes as no surprise given booming property values and frozen nil […]

Get ready for new off-payroll working rules (IR35)

This time last year businesses were preparing for important changes to the rules where workers supply their services via their own personal service companies. The start date was then deferred from 6 April 2020 to 6 April 2021. The new […]

accounting for import vat on your vat return

HMRC have recently updated their guidance on accounting for VAT on goods imported from outside the UK which, since Brexit, includes the European Union. Businesses registered for VAT in the UK can account for import VAT on their VAT Return […]

big tax bills for the self-employed in 2022/23

Last month we mentioned that draft legislation has been published to change the basis periods for the assessment of self-employe profits to coincide with the tax year. The proposed new rules provide that from 2023/24 onwards profits or losses will […]

CGT reporting and payment deadline extended

For disposals of UK residential property completed on or after 27 October 2021, the reporting and capital gains tax (CGT) payment deadline has been extended from 30 days after completion to 60 days. The previous 30-day time limit has proved […]

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