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R&D Tax Credits are a key part of the government’s strategy to support and reward innovation in the UK.

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Our hub gives you the facts, the resources and client case studies to help you identify the areas in your business eligible for R&D tax credits.

With Stephen Black, our R&D Tax specialist working alongside Jane Grant and Lucy McConnell you’ll get the expert support you need and a clear understanding of the process to make a successful claim. Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Background information and scheme criteria

Examples of qualifying projects


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Overcoming uncertainty

Overcoming uncertainty

R&D tax relief can only be claimed by companies that have incurred expenditure on qualifying R&D. Projects should address an area of scientific or technological uncertainty and be innovative.
R&D Tax Credits: are you missing out?

R&D Tax Credits: are you missing out?

Research and development (R&D) is bringing rewards to SMEs. It may come as a huge surprise that HMRC wants to reward companies with R& D tax relief. The UK law has been in place since 2000 but many companies are still missing out.  Stay with me to discover more about R&D relief and how you…Read More

Scope of R&D Tax Credit Scheme extended

We are pleased to hear that the scope of the R&D Tax credit scheme is being extended, while at the same time HMRC is taking positive steps to tighten up the claims process. R&D Tax credits Scheme were highlighted in the […]

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Iain Robertson explains how SMEs can get cash into the business

Iain Robertson explains how SMEs can get cash into the business

R&D Benefits for Engineering & Manufacturing

R&D Benefits for Engineering & Manufacturing

Why you should NOT apply for R&D tax credits

Why you should NOT apply for R&D tax credits

Guides, Factsheets + Events

  • Eligibility Checker

    Thinking about making a R&D Tax Credit claim?
    Take our Eligibility Checker to check if your claim is likely to qualify?

  • R&D Tax Credit Claims A Quick Guide

    R&D Tax Credit Claims A Quick Guide
    Read how you can qualify for R&D Tax Credits in our ebook

  • Overcoming uncertainty

    Do you regularly have to overcome uncertainties?
    Check out how others have overcome uncertainties, innovated and qualified for R&D Tax Credits.

Additional Insights

  • Optometry


    A company in the optometry industry, recently received Research and Development Tax Credits due to projects they carried out on their own internal processes. The client was struggling with internal HR, communication and practice management.

  • Waste Management Consultancy

    Waste Management Consultancy

    A consultancy company found their business growth was restricted due to outdated accounting processes. They undertook a project to radically digitise these processes, working with Ammu they discovered they were eligible for Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits.

  • Food Industry

    Food Industry

    Our clients, a company in the food industry, were struggling to meet demand due to aged management and production processes which had been in place since incorporation in 2013.