How We Work

Our approach and values

With an ammu perspective, you’ll get clear insight into your business that you’ve never had before.

Our systems, support and processes let you apply resources and intelligence to the areas that work best for you, your people, your business, and your bottom line.

1. Cloud accountancy solutions to transform business

As one of Scotland’s leading digital accountancy practices, employing the best of breed cloud accountancy solutions and business applications, we help clients to digitise their financial and management systems to provide:

  • deeper financial insights
  • improved profitability
  • fully compliant digital reporting, regulatory and tax filing obligations.

2. Accounting and business information for prosperity

As Chartered and Management Accountants using the best digital management accounting software & practices, we’re ideally placed to help you to manage and grow your business by:

  • identifying, measuring and interpreting information in your business so you gain credible knowledge
  • reporting back what’s happening within your business and create opportunities
  • communicating clearly and explaining your options to achieve growth, expansion, scale-up or plan business succession.

3. Tax planning for clarity of vision

Our tax experts use fully compliant digital systems compatible with regulatory organisations, we proactively advise our clients by:

  • accurately calculating and managing your annual tax compliance obligations, and more
  • expertly reviewing your business and personal financial position as a whole and provide expert tax planning guidance
  • taking care of business accounting and taxation compliance reporting to HMRC and Companies House – you remain compliant, fulfil obligations, and meet deadlines
  • accessing all the available tax reliefs, allowances and planning opportunities you are entitled to.

4. Secure funding to generate opportunity

As funding experts, we will work closely with you to get you ready to raise finance to fund your business growth plans. We help by:

  • using our wide contact network of traditional and alternative funding providers
  • understanding the information required to secure private and public sector funding (debt, equity, alternative finance, business grants, economic incentives)

We’re R&D Tax Credit specialists with a proven track record for successful R&D Credit applications – giving clients vital cash boosts. We work across all sectors with a diverse portfolio of businesses from optometrists, house builders, engineers, architects to fin techs and the creative industries.

5. Helping you to achieve your vision, objectives and the return your work and efforts deserve.

Working with you, we will develop measurable, realistic, and achievable strategy and action plans for your business. You will experience a positive boost in how you approach, manage and improve the business.

We will help you to develop your business strategy and we will highlight potential risks, scenarios and deviations that could occur as the plan is implemented. We will work with you to develop solutions to tackle these potential issues before they arise and long before they could become problems or blockages.

Our aim is to give you a range of options and choices to consider as you plan your finances and business investments and to be prepared for the unexpected.

We can also help with sourcing funding and grants to support your business expansion, growth and digitisation plans.


Ammu will continue to focus on becoming the most innovative accounting firm in Scotland and will fulfil its obligations to its clients by adding value through our expertise, care client, acting with integrity and being transparent at all times.

Ammu’s core values


We believe that the key to success in finance and accounting is clarity. With complex information and regulations that can often lead to confusion and uncertainty, it’s essential to provide clear and transparent solutions to our clients. That’s why we prioritise clear communication and transparent processes in all our interactions. 

Our approach is simple. We listen to our clients, simplify complex concepts, and promote transparency. Our internal culture values clear communication, accountability, and collaboration, fostering growth and success. 

We embrace the value of versatility. Our team understands that the finance and accounting industry is always evolving, and we stay ahead of the curve by being flexible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 


At Ammu, we embrace the value of versatility. Our team understands that the finance and accounting industry is always evolving, and we stay ahead of the curve by being flexible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

We value versatility. We adapt to the ever-changing finance and accounting landscape, forming strong client relationships and customising services to their evolving needs. We promote versatility within our team through ongoing learning and professional development to better serve our clients. 


At Ammu , we prioritise compassion in the financial and accounting industry. We bring empathy, understanding, and care to all our interactions with clients, colleagues, and the community. Our commitment to compassion extends to our inclusive and supportive workplace culture, fostering collaboration and respect for our team members’ well-being and growth.

We actively engage in volunteering and support charitable organisations and community initiatives, making a lasting difference in the world.

Join us in creating a more compassionate and productive financial world.

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