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9 Points for Ecommerce business success

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s the busiest time of year for most ecommerce businesses. It seems timely to discover how one business site can attract thousands of website visitors while others lie in the doldrums of deepest darkest search engines never to be found.

The crucial element of developing a successful business online in the UK or abroad is to combine business planning with ecommerce expertise. That way your business can be found in the crowded World Wide Web and guarantee ecommerce business growth.

Whatever your business, before taking the plunge and launching a shiny new company site consider the 9 points below.

Why set up an ecommerce business?

  • Looking to increase sales and boost profits by reaching new audience.
  • Looking to reach a wider audience for niche product.
  • Reach new markets in the UK and export globally.
  • Product or service is easily sold online so why not.
  • Reach existing and new customers day and night.
  • Cut out 3rd party resellers and increase margins.
  • Analyse & understand customer behaviour and modify to improve your service.

Gain customers trust (often considered last but I think it’s a priority)

  • Clear, honest descriptions of products and features
  • Testimonial and customer ratings (use FEEFO for low cost tool)
  • Secure payment methods
  • Free shipping or returns policy

Combating low visitor numbers

  • Ensure people know you exist by using frequently refreshed, relevant content suitable for your customers and relevant terms for search engines
  • Pay for search engine advertising e.g. Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo: using less frequently used words as they are cheaper
  • Test site pages – content and imagery to find out which converts browsers into buyers.
  • Social media – drive traffic to your site but first identify which social media is appropriate for your audience e.g. Pinterest 80% female
  • Encourage return visits – email marketing, incentives, useful video and blog content on website

Overcoming low conversion rates

  • Provide a top online shopping experience: easy to navigate with clear product descriptions & pricing
  • Mobile version for easy shopping on the go
  • Free shipping or returns
  • Simplified secure checkout
  • Monitor customer behaviour with free Google Analytics tool to identify who visits site, pages visited, time spent on each page, where and when they leave.

Avoiding abandoned shopping carts

  • Shipping & Billing information clear and easy to find before purchasing
  • Reassuring secure payment process
  • Only ask for details required for contacting, billing, & shipping

Delivering successfully via fulfilment & shipping

  • Source trusted suppliers as customers will blame you for poor quality service
  • Good example is states cost & location of UK & international shipping

After sales process

  • Reassure customer they made right choice with a thankyou, 15% off next purchase or promotional gift etc.
  • Easy returns or contact details to manage complaints

Growing online sales through existing customers

  • Offer rewards for friend referrals with further discounts
  • Reward content shared on social media with further discounts

Growing international sales online

  • Profile target audience: identify cultural differences, language and legal differences
  • Payment methods available
  • Shipping restrictions
  • Search engines – i.e. in China most popular is

Business planning is what I do and nurture businesses that are both on and offline. If you are looking for expert advice on starting up an online business or growing your existing business online call me now on 0141 290 0262.

Have a wonderful festive holiday

Warm regards

Simon Murrison


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