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R&D tax relief reform on the cards

R&D tax relief reform on the cards

New reforms will affect companies claiming tax relief or credits on research and development (R&D) expenditure for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2023.  Currently, R&D tax relief for small or medium-sized enterprises provides an extra 130% deduction […]

18 Point Tax Year End Checklist

Before the current tax year ends, it’s worthwhile asking yourself ‘have I utilised all tax allowances and exemptions available to me, my family, and/or business?’. To help you we’ve outlined 18 opportunities that may be available for personal and for […]

capital allowances on plant in residential property

The capital allowance legislation specifically denies tax relief for plant and machinery installed in a dwelling house. However, plant and machinery installed in the common areas of blocks of flats such as hallways, stairs and lift shafts would qualify as […]

advisory fuel rate for company cars

As the result of recent increases in petrol and diesel prices, HMRC has increased the advisory fuel rates that apply for the reimbursement of employees’ private fuel for their company cars. The same rates apply when the employer reimburses employees […]

a question of control

The off-payroll working (IR35) tests are still relevant despite the blanket approach often in place regarding contractors’ employment status. They must always be applied if you are contracting for a small organisation. Two recent decisions in the Upper Tribunal closely […]

pension contributions are tax-efficient for employee and employer

Pension contributions to approved pension funds on behalf of employees and directors continue to be a tax-free benefit provided the annual input limit is not breached. The contributions are also deductible for the employer, provided incurred wholly and exclusively for […]

HMRC warn employers not to use unfunded pension arrangements

HMRC is currently attacking a marketed tax avoidance scheme using unfunded pension arrangements to avoid Corporation Tax, Income Tax, and National Insurance contributions. HMRC strongly believes these arrangements do not work and will seek to challenge anyone promoting or using […]

Unhappy families – challenging inheritance issues

The outcome of a recent High Court case is a warning for anyone challenging a will. As inheritances become more valuable, the number of disputes about wills have increased. Court cases rose by almost 50% to 188 in 2019 compared […]

IHT business relief for holiday lets

There are various tax advantages to a rental property being treated as a furnished holiday letting, but inheritance tax (IHT) business relief is generally not one of them. Even though the law supports HMRC’s view, property owners regularly appeal against […]

Umbrella companies – sorting the good from the bad

Contractors have turned to umbrella companies as a hassle-free way of providing their services to clients following the recent changes to the off payroll working rules. They receive no tax savings, but pass on some administration and pay less than […]

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