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Cashflow planning tips for the new year

Cashflow planning tips for the new year

Cash flow and business planning in these uncertain times may appear difficult but there are some practical steps you can take to minimise potential disruption to your business Review your Budgets (see: Budgeting for an uncertain year ahead) and set […]

trust planning opportunity still available

Another tax planning strategy that is still available despite rumours that it would be closed in the Budget was the CGT hold over relief when assets are transferred into or out of a trust. This relief currently enables a non-business […]

Tax Matters 2021-2022

In brief: what are the tax planning options available for companies and individuals? For companies it is all about the most tax efficient way of extracting profits such as dividends verses salary, contributions to pensions and receiving tax efficient benefits. […]

CGT reporting and payment deadline extended

For disposals of UK residential property completed on or after 27 October 2021, the reporting and capital gains tax (CGT) payment deadline has been extended from 30 days after completion to 60 days. The previous 30-day time limit has proved […]

MTD for income tax postponed to 2024/25

Having listened to stakeholder feedback from businesses and the accounting profession, the government have announced that they will introduce Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSA) a year later than planned, in the tax year beginning in April […]

becoming a more eco friendly business

Some have started, others are giving it serious consideration. If you haven’t yet begun, start small and keep it going. And don’t look back. Environmental sustainability has moved to the forefront of the news headlines especially with COP26 taking place […]

Customer Service in a Digital World

It is still evolving, but some hard and fast rules have emerged. Some of the best businesses used to stand out with their attention to detail, personal touch and ties with people in the community. With the increasing shift to […]

further financial lessons from the pandemic

Having a clear purpose has never been so important Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, many businesses have seen what the media has referred to as, “The Great Resignation” – where employees are leaving or switching jobs in their thousands. For […]

MD “the boss”: succession planning

Despite the words of Daltrey and Townsend all those many years ago, making light of the changeover from the old to the new, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss, the transition from one MD or the boss […]

IHT receipts reach £6 billion record

The amount of inheritance tax (IHT) collected by HMRC over the past year reached a record £6 billion, some £1 billion more than the previous 12 months. This increase comes as no surprise given booming property values and frozen nil […]

future changes in store?

One crafty way for the Chancellor to bring in extra tax revenue without raising headline tax rates in a future Budget or Spring Statement would be to limit some of the generous tax breaks that are currently available. The Chancellor […]

uncertainty leads to distractions and deviations

All the negativity in the press can lead to us feeling “out of control” and uncertain about in what direction we should take our business. We firmly believe in our clients and their aims, hopes and ambitions and in remaining […]

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