Cyber Crime Part 2


8 tips to protect your small business from cyber-crime without a big IT budget

 ‘1.2m Talk Talk customers’ data hacked’.


Cyber-attacks against a large company grabs the headlines. Crimes against small business don’t.

Cyber-crime is, however, a very real threat as small businesses hold valuable company and customer data but lack a big IT budget and a string of developers required to battle against the hackers.

“You may think that only large companies like TalkTalk and Sony are targets for cybercrime but that is simply not true.” Chief executive Mandy Haeburn Scottish Business Resilience Centre

Small businesses are easy targets for the faceless hackers with more and more successful attempts on a daily basis.

What can a business do to protect itself from hackers?

There’s not one single solution but combining the steps below will make it very difficult for opportunistic hackers and they’ll move onto easier pickings.

  1. Safeguard internet security by installing anti-malware and anti-virus protection to systems and update firewalls and devices with latest versions.
  2. Educate staff and implement staff security policy, clearly stating all employees are responsible for the company and customer data accessed.
  3. Limit levels of employee data access on a simple need to know basis.
  4. Lock down all company software on the network, PCs and don’t forget any mobile devices!
  5. Encrypt data to ensure any data hacked is rendered useless to criminals.
  6. Password policy ensure maximum security and 2 tier password authentication try
  7. Risk policy (or worst case scenario policy) be ready if you are hacked what steps are in place to fix security and inform staff and customers as quickly as possible and repair damage to reputation.
  8. Outsource security to an expert. An external audit of IT security finds weaknesses and plug the gaps.

At Murrison and Wilson, we manage sensitive client data day in and day out and we understand the threat every business is facing. That’s why we chose Kashflow and IRIS to manage all our clients’ accounting, bookkeeping and payroll. It’s safe and secure with excellent security standards, encryption and password protected login systems.

You wouldn’t forget to lock up your premises so don’t forget to lock down your IT security.

Call us now on 0141 290 0262 if you’re looking to safeguard your company’s valuable financial data.

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