Do you know about National Insurance changes for the Self-Employed?

Do you know about National Insurance changes for the Self-Employed?

You may be one of the fast growing army of the self-employed who’re responsible for managing your tax payments including National Insurance payments. But did you know, as of July 2015, HMRC stopped taking monthly and quarterly Class 2 payments from your business bank account? In fact they have stopped Class 2 payments altogether.

Not everyone is aware of the change to Class 2 National Insurance. Many of the self-employed could easily miss the relatively small direct debits covering National Insurance payments have stopped. Only to get a nasty surprise when they’re completing their Self-Assessment form and are expected to pay out a lump sum that they’ve not accounted for or thought they had already paid.

Why end Class 2 National Insurance?

As there’s almost £4.5 million self-employed in the UK it makes more sense for HMRC to streamline the collection process. Instead of HMRC tracking and collecting a mixture of Class 2 N.I. and Class 4 N.I annually, the Class 2 NI quarterly and monthly have been replaced with just two payments a year. This is easier and more cost effective for HMRC to manage.

It will reduce the hassle for the self-employed too, as you now only have to manage two payments at the same time every year, in July and January.

Who is affected by the end of Class 2 National Insurance?

Only the self-employed with profits over £5,965 need to pay Class 2. Class 4 applies to the self employed with profits between £8,060 and £42,385 and is due at 9% and 2% on profits over £42,385. The government is looking at abolishing Class 2 and merging it with Class 4.

If your profits are below the threshold I’d suggest it’s still a good idea to protect your state pension allowance and maintain your National Insurance payments.

So remember to squirrel away an extra £140 every year to cover your minimum payments in July and January.

Do you think it’s simpler? I would be keen to hear what you think of the changes to National Insurance so contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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