Why outsourcing to a payroll expert is better for business?

Why outsourcing to a payroll expert is better for business?

Business owners are keen to save time and money without jeopardising the success of the business and upsetting staff.

Payroll is often looked upon as a straightforward back office task that’s targeted first for cost savings. An employee is sent to attend a basic payroll and book keeping course and the employer assumes that’s enough to keep the payroll function ticking along.

Not anymore.

Payroll, Auto Enrolment, and dealing with HRMC separately is no longer an option as there are layers of complexities linking them that only an expert dealing with payroll day in and day out can easily manage.

Too many businesses are failing to understand that payroll is now a highly complex task that requires a safe pair of hands. In the wrong hands payroll can result in costly mistakes that can fundamentally damage a business. That’s not just my opinion – the number of UK businesses’ fined by HMRC has reached a record high.

Businesses are struggling to keep on top of the pile of admin related to Auto Enrolment and unable to generate the relevant real time information, in the right format and on time.

All is not lost.

Hiring experts that manage payroll day in and day out, who fully understand Auto Enrolment and are using the latest payroll software means payroll can be turned around quicker, more accurately and cheaper than ever. So no mistakes and no HMRC fines and happier employees.

For a business owner outsourcing payroll will free up more time to concentrate on your business growth. Here’s 5 more reasons to outsource payroll:

5 benefits to your business of outsourcing payroll:

  • Communicating with HMRC becomes easier
    • Avoid the deluge of admin workload tied up with Auto Enrolment and the difficulty of talking to HMRC in their language. An expert guarantees you never miss a deadline, are less likely to pay HMRC fines or feel swamped by paperwork as they’re set up to process quickly and efficiently.


  • Outsourcing to a payroll team safeguards your business.
    • Instead of relying on one member of staff to manage payroll who may be off sick or leave the business you have a reliable team of experts on hand to support the business anytime.


  • Ongoing burden of RTI is no longer your problem.
    • The ongoing burden of supplying PAYE information in Real Time each time an employee is paid frees up valuable resources and time to focus on business growth and customer service.
  • Cost of keeping technology up to date is no longer a business cost
    • An external payroll provider will continually invest in the latest payroll software to remain competitive saving your business the ongoing investment in software updates that inevitably eat in to the profits.


  • Fast turnaround for a smoother run business
    • Any last minute changes can be included in weekly or monthly payroll such as sick leave or over time.


It’s now easier than ever to outsource payroll but you must be confident you’re choosing an expert.

Based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of Auto Enrolment, tax and our understanding of the part payroll has to play within a business guarantees Murrison & Wilson provide expert advice tailored to each business and the needs of every employee on your payroll.

Our point of difference is we charge by employee on your payroll not a bulk payroll charge. That way you can allocate a distinct cost per employee and have a better understanding of how much an employee costs your business.

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