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Is technology getting in the way of client relationships?  Current Research from BrightHR, a people management software company, has highlighted problems ruining relationships between accountants and their clients. Research discovered the over reliance on accountancy software is becoming increasingly problematic for accountancy firms and their clients.

The research has overturned the common held belief technology strengthens the relationship between client and accountant.

The staggering statistic below from BrightHR highlights the decline in client relationships:

“The increasing use of IT and automated systems is having a negative impact on accountants by reducing their interaction with their clients leading to 60% of firms losing one to ten clients in the past year.

Don’t get me wrong. The latest accountancy technology has transformed 21st century accountancy practices and helped our own business thrive in a highly competitive market.

Technology allows a good accountant combine the technology with their accountancy know how to work with the client better and more efficiently.

The difference between a good accountant and an excellent accountant is that the client relationship is closely managed and much more hands on.

A superior level of accountancy service is achieved by combining the powerful technology with specialist expertise and good old fashioned traditional client relationship values.  Spending more time getting to know each individual client and understanding their unique business set up is the secret to working well together.

When can you be confident you are working with an excellent accountant?

Well, it’s the day they pick up the phone and speak to you instead of sending you a group ‘personalised email’. They will talk specifically about the issues unique to your business discuss the next vital steps to successfully move you and your company through each stage in the business cycle: from start up to exit.

Murrison & Wilson

When Bruce and I set up Murrison and Wilson we were determined to uphold the traditional accountancy values of one to one business relationships. We know that without talking to our clients we cannot fully get to grips with the unique set of circumstances associated with each business.

This has served us well and our business has grown organically by using the latest technology, traditional business tools, our years of experience and above all the support from our clients recommending us to their network of contacts.

Looking for accountancy support?

Speak to me Simon about any business related topics or talk to Bruce about all things related to tax on 0141 290 0262.

Simon Murrison, CA

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