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3 simple tips to regain sense of control of your business

Sometimes it feels like your business is running you rather you running your business.

Now more so than ever, since the EU Referendum, it’s important to take control of the elements in your life and business that you can influence.

Today, all I’m suggesting is 3 simple tips to follow daily to help regain that all important sense of control, focus and direction any business owner requires to help sustain business growth following Brexit.


The 3 simple steps to grow your business are:

Get up early, drink coffee and eat the frog.

 Nothing too challenging. We all have enough to deal with running businesses during these times of uncertainty but here’s why it will help you.

  •  Get up early


Early morning can be the most productive time for a business owner. The phone isn’t ringing and notifications aren’t pinging so there’s no distractions and no interruptions.


When fully recharged after a night’s sleep there’s no better time in the day to:

  • Prioritise tasks that must be completed to keep business on track
  • Check calendar – identify free time and allocate extra tasks
  • Finalise prep work for meetings or presentations
  • Email clients before breakfast and follow up personally later in the day


That way you’ll work smarter not harder.


  • Drink coffee


Ok it doesn’t have to be coffee, could be a morning run or watching a TED talk. Choose the one thing that wakes up your business head and sparks your creative thinking.  Now you have time to discover more creative and effective ways of running your business.

  •  Eat the Frog


Stop procrastinating and deal with the toughest task or phone call of the day first. For me ‘eat the frog’ has been the most effective time management tip I was given early on in my accountancy career.


Some days I have more than one frog but I always (well almost always) add the hardest to the top of my list.


Tackling the hardest task frees you up to enjoy the rest of your working day more.


Try adding these 3 simple changes to your working day for 21 days. Please let me know if its makes a difference to your daily business productivity.


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