Corporate and business taxes

Corporation tax

Our highly experienced team will accurately and efficiently prepare your company accounts and tax returns, ensuring your company is compliant with your corporation tax obligations – all UK registered limited companies are required to pay corporation tax on their profits. 

The main rate of corporation tax in the UK from 1 April 2022 is 19% and it is scheduled to rise to 25% from April 2023 for businesses with profits of £250,000 and over, as announced by the UK Chancellor in Spring Budget 2021.

The rate for businesses with profits of £50,000 or less will remain at 19% with a marginal taper for profits between £50,000 and £250,000.

Our services include:

  • Company formation and registering your company with Companies House and HMRC.
  • Calculation of your corporation tax liabilities and payments to HMRC, advising you when they payments are due and making these payments on your behalf.
  • Filing of your CT600 with HMRC.
  • Ensuring you are maximising the tax reliefs and allowances available to the business and to the Directors personally. 

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Our Corporate and business taxes Expert Wendy McBride

Wendy is a highly experienced tax accountant and an ATT Fellow working with corporate and private clients.

Wendy helps our clients to identify and access all the tax reliefs and allowances they’re entitled to access, as well as helping them to plan ahead to minimise potential future tax liabilities.