Scope of R&D Tax Credit Scheme extended

We are pleased to hear that the scope of the R&D Tax credit scheme is being extended, while at the same time HMRC is taking positive steps to tighten up the claims process.

R&D Tax credits Scheme were highlighted in the March 2022 budget statement by the UK Chancellor. Rishi Sunak said that as part of the reform of research and development tax reliefs, from April 2023, all cloud computing costs associated with R&D, including storage, will qualify for relief. Furthermore, some expenditure on overseas R&D activities will still be able to qualify, for example clinical trials that cannot be conducted in UK.  

HMRC will insist on extensive submissions to back up all R&D Tax credit claims. This will stop the unscrupulous companies or fly-by-night R&D Tax credit claims companies from exposing their clients to potential HMRC investigations.   

At ammu we use state of the art technology, experienced experts who conduct in-depth interviews, provide extensive reports and use ammu’s  robust 7 step process for R&D tax credit claims.  

For more details you can download and read our R&D Tax Credit Booklet.