The top 3 things bookkeeping for SMES taught me and questions to ask your bookkeeper


By Heather Shields:


Payroll & Bookkeeping Expert, Murrison & Wilson

Having worked for a number of years specialising in bookkeeping, payroll and auto enrolment for both large enterprises to SMEs has taught me 3 points worth sharing to help you when choosing a bookkeeper.

Why do you need an expert bookkeeper?

Firstly, employers would rather be focusing on the growth of their business than managing daily tasks related to bookkeeping, payroll and auto enrolment.

There’s a heavy workload attached to managing your employees joining and leaving. Also holiday pay, maternity leave and sick leave plus meeting company account deadlines all add to the complexity of running a business.

There’s more, employers now have the added responsibility and complexity of Auto Enrolment.

Together the 3 areas are making it increasingly more time consuming and stressful, leaving fewer hours to focus on business growth in 2017.

That’s why the simple solution is outsourcing services.

Whether you have 1 employee or a 100 find someone with the experience and expertise to ensure the smooth running of your business.

3 things to check your bookkeeping expert can deliver:

Employers need reassurance that their accountancy services are reliably taken care of.

The 3 questions you must consider when choosing a bookkeeper is can they provide:

  • Detailed and accurate set up process:
    • Single data upload avoids repetitive tasks with every update. .
    • Guarantees smooth running and exchange of information every time.
    • Avoids disgruntled employees and HMRC hunting you down for late payments.
  • Access to latest accountancy software:
    • Fast, accurate and efficient service. every time
    • Flexible and scalable as business grows
    • Transparent pricing per employee with no hidden costs
    • Offer low cost solution for each service
  • The right answers
    • It’s far easier and quicker to iron out last minute payroll changes over the phone which isn’t possible through a faceless automated company. That’s why at Murrison & Wilson we prefer to talk to our clients.

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