Why you should add sponsorship to your business plan

Sponsorship of Partick Thistle FC
Simon Murrison at Partick Thistle FC

As Chartered Accountants and business advisers we understand the value sponsorship can bring to an organisation.  For any business thinking about sponsorship – I’d simply say do it!

Sponsorship is a smart strategic business move to score your
business goals and get in front of a new audience. My only caveat is you must
find a partner that reflects your own business values and fits with your
business goals.

How to choose?

Consider every opportunity in line with your brand values
and business goals. Return to your business plan and think about what your
primary business objectives are such as brand awareness, sales growth,
reputation building, reaching a new audience or building stronger ties with
existing clients.

Simon Murrison CA with Partick Thistle CEO Gerry Britton

Who to sponsor?

Sponsorship is no longer the domain of big players like
McDonalds, Coca Cola or Carling. Sponsorship opportunities come in all shapes
and sizes just like SMEs.

Carry out your research and discover as much information as
you possibly can. Look at the profile of their audiences, number of event
attendees, size of mailing lists and social media following and who else is a

Start small and test the water by sponsoring a community
event like a charity coffee morning or kids gymnastic club.

Sponsorship is an opportunity to show your human side and
reflect your brand values so choose wisely as your reputation is on the line.

Think about the products and services you offer. Your choice
of partner will shape the perception of your company. For example, are you an
eco-friendly business? Then sponsoring a beach clean-up supports a cause that
matters to your customers and reaches more like minded ones too. As your
business grows then you can start to increase sponsorship budget.

How much will it cost?

Sponsorship deals price tags are as varied as the
opportunities on offer. However, remember stay in budget. Most deals have
tiered packages allowing you to weigh up the cost against what is on

Remember always track spend, identify sales leads and ensure
you are getting bang for your buck. This will also be important if you decide
to negotiate a renewal deal.

Maximise exposure and get results

Sponsorship isn’t simply adding your logo and sitting back
ready for a deluge of hits to your website and the phone to start ringing off
the hook. You need to work at it to get results.

Announce your sponsorship deals, seek photo opportunities
and post on social media. Social media is content hungry so sponsorship gives
you something new and fresh to talk about. You reach more people who are
passionate about who you are sponsoring, therefore sharing and increasing brand
awareness on your behalf.  All at no
extra cost to your company.

How to use sponsorship to grow your business?

The sponsor wants your relationship to work long into the
future. That’s why corporate sponsorship packages offer more than brand
visibility. It opens up hospitality and networking opportunities in a relaxed
environment to build business relationships. It’s a chance to entertain clients
and connect with new ones to increase leads which boost your short term and
long term sales growth.

What do sponsors get?

You might be considering offering a sponsorship package for
your organisation. Remember it should be a partnership and mutually beneficial
for the sponsor and the sponsored. Apart from a cash injection, it is vote of
confidence and trust in your organisation or event if someone positions their
name alongside yours.

Here’s our Director Simon Murrison talking about why we selected Partick Thistle FC from a long list of sponsoring opportunities.