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With over £2m of successful R&D Tax Credit claims for our clients to date and with the average claim in the UK being approximately £61.5k; it is important to ask yourself how many extra sales your company would need to generate in order to have the same bottom line impact.

To achieve this, we start with an initial phone call where we assess your R&D Tax claim readiness; assess your strengths and weaknesses for achieving this and then provide you with a roadmap outlining what you need to do.

Does my business qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

Studies show that only 10% of eligible companies are claiming R&D Tax Credits. Therefore, this is a missed opportunity for a healthy cashflow injection as most SMEs, profit or loss making, are potentially eligible.

Our initial call can provide you with a clearer understanding of R&D Tax Credits and will determine if this incentive is something your business should be claiming.

Through our years of experience we can quickly determine:

  • If your business meets the criteria for applying for the incentive
  • What would constitute an eligible project within your business
  • What qualifying expenditure exists
  • How much your claim could be worth

Still unsure if your business qualifies? You don’t have to identify R&D, that’s our job!

 Check your R&D Tax Credits eligibility