Pay Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) grants back.

If you have overclaimed for CJRS then HMRC encourages employers to pay all or some of the grant back or if you do not need the grant and want to make a voluntary repayment you can do so using the link below.

You can either:

  • correct it in your next claim (your new claim will be reduced, and you will need to keep a record of the adjustment for 6 years)
  • get a payment reference number and pay HMRC back within 30 days (only if you are not making another claim)

You must use the online service to get your payment reference number before you can pay HMRC back. You should only do this if you are not making another claim. For full details visit GOV.UK

Please talk to us if you have any concerns about past claims and we will help put matters in order simply email