New advisory services are taking care of business

At Murrison &
Wilson we know what a business needs today to thrive tomorrow. We know the
secret behind business success is to work collaboratively with experts.

To develop a robust business strategy your Chartered Accountant works closely with you. This ensures every aspect of your business is taken care of to guarantee business growth.

However, CAs are not jacks of all trades. We recognise the
importance of identifying and hiring appropriate experts as the business

In the words of Steve Jobs: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Taking care of business

Taking care of your employees and growing your business is
increasingly difficult, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate.

One of the biggest challenges clients tell us they’re facing is keeping up with the raft of legislative changes affecting businesses today. Change is costly, change is time consuming. Worse still just as you implement new procedures the law changes all over again.

One thing is clear, businesses are struggling to keep up – the
fast pace of change is crippling. From feedback received the 5 main areas of
concern are: data protection; employment law; pensions & investments; wills
& power of attorney and finally health & safety.

In response to the growing needs of our clients and SMES
we’re launching the Murrison &
Wilson Business Advisory Services.

The new services enable our clients to access vital support
from trusted partnerships specialising in key business areas.

With the specialist advisers on board business owners can take back control of the business by focussing your time and money on fulfilling your business goals.

Read on to find out how our new Advisory Services can help you.

About Murrison & Wilson Advisory Services

We are very proud to launch our new advisory services. We
believe there’s no substitute for solid expert advice. That’s why we have a
launched a range of advisory services to help you take the wider view, build a
resilient and profitable company that supports you and all your staff.

GDPR Data Support for SMEs

have taken huge steps towards GDPR compliance. However, regular updates and
changes from the ICO mean last year’s templates and procedures are already
outdated, many organisations are not compliant. To safeguard your business –
get in touch today.

Health and Safety Services for SMEs

Organisations take Health & Safety seriously and injuries and
deaths are lower than ever. However, the laws are complicated and regularly
updated and you may find yourself with a lawsuit for not taking the right
action to protect employees’ safety. To safeguard your employees – get in touch today.

Employment Law for SMEs

Employees are the backbone of your business. That’s why
understanding employment law plays an important role in creating a harmonious
and efficient organisation. However, employment laws, contracts, disciplinary
hearings can be problematic without an HR department. To safeguard your employees’
rights – get in touch today.

Pensions & Investments

Everyone’s personal financial situation is uniquely
complicated and levels of risk vary with every individual. The legislation
surrounding Pensions and Investments is toughening and regularly updated.  Only a qualified expert should advise people
about their finances. To safeguard your workplace pensions and investments –
get in touch today.

Wills & Power of Attorney

No-one can predict what is round the corner. Who will take
care of one’s financial matters and personal welfare is a sensitive topic and
often complicated to manage.  To
safeguard your future – get in touch today.

You can select one or all of the services above depending on your short term and long term business objectives.

Why we are Launching New Advisory Services

Supporting business growth is at the heart of what we do. We look at your business as a whole. Working directly with you and your team to help you access all the services you need to run your business effectively. And support your colleagues and clients.

That’s why we have selected trusted partners with the capabilities, breadth of knowledge and skills to support the clients we work with. Of course the service is not limited to just our clients, it is a suitable business package for all SMEs.

For Murrison & Wilson it enables us to provide a
comprehensive package of support services for business owners. You gain access
to essential support and expertise, save time and money while fulfilling your
obligation to protect employees, remain on top of important legislation changes,
and what’s more, avoid potential fines and the risk of health & safety

Get in touch today about our advisory services by emailing or calling 0141 290 0262.

Warm regards

Simon Murrison, Chartered Accountant

Director of Murrison & Wilson