How ammu is Making Tax Digital simple?

At  ammu we specialise in digital tax services. We’ve backed ‘going digital’ since opening for business in 2013. That’s why it’s no surprise to us HMRC is striving to go digital now.  If anything MTD should’ve happened sooner but HMRC was not ready, businesses weren’t ready and all too many accountants weren’t ready either. Together they slowed down going digital.

The move to go digital is rapidly picking up the pace.  I would now like to take the time to reassure you going digital is nothing to fear.  The reason I can say this with confidence is we’ve helped hundreds of businesses transition to digital (we’ve even helped some accountants).

It is very simple and easy to go digital if the process is managed properly. Using HMRC approved systems is important but getting the timing right for you and your business is essential.

I would also like to stress going digital is an investment that will save time and money for any business. As you know both are precious commodities when running a business.

“For  many  years,  our  charity  has  recorded  accounts,  invoices,  income  and  expenditure  as  paper  copies  and  by  keeping  a  vast  number  of  word  documents  and  Excel  spreadsheets.  Kashflow  has  been  a  very  useful  tool  to  allow  us  to  update  our  processes  and  how  we  retain  financial  information.    Not  only  is  it  very  easy  to  use,  ammu  are  always  available  and willing  to  help  where  necessary.  Kashflow  has  resulted  in  a  strong  rapport  between  our  charity  and  ammu  and  allows  for  clear  communication  between  us.    We  are  very  confident  that  we  will  continue  with  our  use  of  this  technology  as  it  has  led  to  a  strong  working  relationship with  our  accountants.”  Carol,  West  of  Scotland  Deaf  Children  Society. 

Our approach to going digital

Our approach to going digital is simple but effective. First of all we invested in digital systems that are compatible with HMRC, Companies House and the Pensions regulator – so you don’t have to. Therefore saving you both time and money.

Secondly, before we transition businesses to digital we help clients and staff see the advantages of going digital, then they are fully on board and committed to switching. If everyone is on board the whole process is much smoother and faster.

Thirdly, we map out the process for change. We identify key deliverables and milestones, identify the right software and provide training. This creates an easy to follow plan and ensures all financial data is accounted for, timing is right and no important filing deadlines are missed.

That’s why from day 1 our new clients follow a completely paperless sign up process and move swiftly, confidently and easily into the digital age.

“I use  both  Kashflow  and  Iris  Open  Space.    Both  of  these  platforms  add  an  immense  amount  of  value  by  reducing  the  grind  of  managing  financial  documents  and  providing  an  easy- to -use  platform  for  managing  accounts.    I  find  that  both  systems  save  me  several  hours  a  week,  processing accounts.    Time  which  can  then  be  spent  with  clients,  adding  value  to  the  business.   I  find  Kashflow  instinctively  easy  to  use, the  perfect  book-keeper  on  your  laptop  and now  an  indispensable  part  of  the  business.    Iris  Open  Space  allows  me  to  keep  on  top  of  documents  from  HMRC,  my accountants,  Companies  House  and  my  receipts.    It takes  the  hassle  out  of  managing  important  documents  and  ensures  my  business  is  ready  at  the  end  of  the  financial  year.    Matt,  Coscoroba  Consulting  Lim

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