A year of unprecedented growth and an appetite for more

At Amas, we have achieved growth across all of our services but that has not stopped us from wanting to expand even more in this financial year.

  • Digital Accounting – a growing digital base of clients

The HMRC ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) initiative has boosted the demand for our digital accounting services, due to being leading experts in the area for many years. Many businesses have turned to us to help them make the transition to a digital filing system with ease.

Our clients are now ready for when MTD comes into force in April 2019 and we have the skills to help any businesses who are to still to digitise their accounting system before the deadline. Try our Digital Health Check.

  • Funding Support – 95% plus – R&D tax credits success

One area of funding support we have experienced growth in particular, is in Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits.

Previously, many of our clients were unaware of R&D Tax Credits and the ones who knew of them shrugged them off as something that did not apply to them. However, over recent years we have made our clients realise that R&D Tax Credits is an achievable form of healthy funding. We have also gained new clients who have approached us to specifically help them successfully claim the initiative after hearing of our track record. Over the last quarter alone we have successfully claimed £500k in R&D funding for businesses and doubled our revenue.

While more businesses are becoming aware of R&D Tax Credits, still only 10% of eligible businesses are claiming them. Therefore, we encourage any business that is unsure of their eligibility to contact us as we want to help more clients gain the funding they are entitled to. We even provide a specific R&D eligibility assessment that can be found on our website.

  • Accounting Compliance – growing client base

The last year also saw us gain new compliance clients with our successful ‘Drop-in December’ campaign. We helped new clients submit tax returns on time that were struggling with the process. A number of clients were also moved over to the cloud. As digital accountants we realise the benefits of completing compliance tasks digitally. The submission process is streamlined and requires minimal effort to stay compliant at all times.

  • Management Accounting – client expansion

Not only have we grown, but so have our clients.

We are a team of chartered management accountants and therefore, we have a passion for and expertise in strategising to aid business growth. Our skills & experience have helped clients with their expansion plans, whether that be acquiring additional premises, hiring more staff or increasing their range of services, all while improving their bottom line.

We don’t cap growth, we encourage it. Pride is taken in seeing our clients go from strength to strength and this gives us an appetite to share our expertise with more businesses and help them along their journey of expansion.

To experience growth like ours contact us on 01292 388 031