Iain Robertson

Business Funding Manager

Iain Robertson is ammu’s funding, business grants and R&D Tax Credit claims specialist.

Iain works with a range of businesses from manufacturers and engineers, professional consultants, medical and healthcare businesses. Also, early growth stage and established SME businesses looking to scale up.

Iain has over 30 years of experience working with businesses, including 15 years working with Business Gateway. Iain is helping them to find solutions to their issues as well as identifying and securing funding from both private and public sector sources.

He also advises business owners on all aspects of R&D Tax claims from checking eligibility, identifying relevant projects to writing and submitting successful claims.

Iain is ideally positioned to advise early stage and growing businesses on their growth journey. Iain shares his own experience setting up and running his own ICT support and software company.

When Iain isn’t advising clients’, he can be found enjoying a glass or two of wine, painting and drawing (in his words ‘with much enjoyment but mixed success’), and trying to improve his Spanish.

Key expertise and skills

  • Detailed knowledge of public sector business support and grants to support business growth and expansion
  • Skilled applying for funding packages, with an in-depth knowledge of loan Funds
  • Specialism in the Engineering/manufacturing, construction and IT/software development sectors
  • Proven track record for successful R&D Tax Credit claims giving cash boosts for SMEs

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