Heather Shields

Personal Tax and Payroll Adviser

Heather Shields is ammu’s payroll and tax adviser. Heather manages all our outsourced payroll services for small and medium sized businesses. Heather is highly experienced in working with tax and payroll within accountancy firms and ran her own business.

Heather offers valuable advice as she is highly experienced in working with cloud accountancy software – since the late 1990s. Heather provides support for Sage, IRIS and cloud-based payroll systems such as Xero and Kashflow.

She is experienced in working with directors, sole traders and individuals across a broad spectrum of sectors including hospitality, healthcare and professionals.

Heather’s primary focus is providing ongoing support to our clients. Currently, calculating furlough payments also preparation and submission of the job support scheme claims to HMRC.

When Heather is not working she likes listening to music, weekends away and going for runs out in the car and learning to play the guitar again. A fun fact about Heather was she was a member of a band.

Get in touch with Heather: email heather@ammu.uk or call 0141 290 0262

Key expertise and skills

  • Cloud accounting software including Sage, IRIS, Xero and Kashflow
  • Processing payroll for a wide variety of SME’s across a range of sectors
  • Liaising with and managing all compliance with HMRC
  • Liasing with the Pensions Regulator for workplace pensions
  • Advising clients on current legislations, workplace pensions and furlough
  • Preparing P11Ds, self-assessment tax returns, including directors, sole traders and individuals who are in the scope of self-assessment
  • Furlough and Job Support Scheme claims to HMRC

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pension top-ups for lower paid employees

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