Improve products and processes for an R&D Tax Credit Claim

All businesses have a constant need to improve products and processes in order to stay ahead of the competition. This work can lead to an R&D Tax Credit claim.

A number of companies we have worked with recently, across a variety of sectors, have shared similar technical challenges which have formed the basis for successful R&D Tax Credit Claims. If any of these apply to you, then you should consider making a claim.


For example, for manufacturers every new quotation or order requires an assessment of whether the customer requirements can be met? Can it be done? Can existing machinery do it?

This requires a check on technical feasibility which may include tests carried out on sample materials. These improvements are usually based around making better use of existing machinery and increasing automation. They should also lead to a reduction in defects and reworking.

All of these challenges require a degree of trial and error. There’s an uncertainty about the outcomes which can only be overcome by testing, prototyping and experimenting – a series of actions which form the basis of all R&D work.

Here are sector specific examples of uncertainty that will help you understand if your project is eligible:

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