Don’t Miss Out – Act Now on R&D

Act now to claim your R&D tax credit.


Should you be acting now to claim your R&D tax credit?

If you don’t act now you could miss out on R&D Tax credits

If your financial year end falls in March, then you don’t have long to put in a claim for any R&D Tax Credits you may be entitled to. You can claim for the last two financial years but no further back than that. So if you haven’t claimed for previous years you could be missing out.

Do you have an eligible project?

An eligible project could be something you have worked on creating or something you have been improving?

It could be related to

  • products
  • processes
  • systems
  • or materials

It might be one large project or multiple small projects.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science – just the kind of innovation that many manufacturing businesses do much of the time.

Do you have any eligible expenditure on these projects?

This could be:

  • Direct Staff costs
  • Subcontractor costs
  • Materials used in the project
  • Software needed for the project
  • A portion of utility bills

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