Streamlining Accounting Processes for a Pharmaceutical Business with Xero

At ammu, we meet with new clients to understand their current accounting system and processes and then explain how we can streamline and improve these. As digital accounting experts, we know how digital accounting software and our bespoke services can benefit clients as we have witnessed it, first-hand.

We recently completed digitising the accounting systems of a pharmaceutical business with a £3m turnover. They explained to us their current process for producing statutory accounts:

  1. A member of staff inputs financial information into a manual cashbook (weekly)
  2. They then hand this over to their accountant who inputs this onto Sage (year-end only)
  3. The information on Sage is then re-entered into practice software to produce the statutory accounts

The information is inputted three times to produce one set of accounts, wasting valuable time and money. Immediately, we know how to streamline this process through the use of the digital accounting software, Xero.

With our help, the client has a new reporting process:

  1. The financial information is added into Xero
  2. Unlike Sage, Xero integrates with Digita accounts production and by mapping, the statutory accounts are produced

The information is now added once. Xero works to produce information that complies with statutory requirements, whereas Sage requires information to be repeated at different levels which is inefficient.

This client now has more time to spend on value-adding services like so many of our other clients now have. To join them, contact us on 01292 388 031 or