from set to spreadsheet: unlocking success for film & tv professionals

Through word of mouth, we have gained many clients working in Scotland’s thriving film and TV industry. We gained even more, in 2023, during the Hollywood writers’ strike. The strike left many with reduced work opportunities, impacting their cash flow and increasing potential HMRC and Companies House compliance issues. 

The Challenge:  

The diverse range of creative talents we work with are freelancer prop hands, camera operators, sound technicians etc. Their focus is on creativity in a demanding industry with long hours. They are not focused on running a business – managing compliance with HMRC and Companies House regulations, managing payroll, VAT, accounts, and personal tax returns. The stress of running a creative business was compounded by the 2023 Hollywood writer’s strike. It made things even harder, resulting in no work and money issues for many. 

The solution.  

Ammu stepped in to provide the much-needed support and guidance to these creative professionals. We offered comprehensive services covering payroll, VAT, accounts, and personal tax returns, allowing them to stress less. We found that our creative clients specifically had questions about buying or selling vehicles and assets.  We provided specialised advice addressing VAT, capital allowances, and managing cash flow. During the writer’s strike, we offered tailored advice to ensure compliance with HMRC regulations and helped manage financial strain during a tough period.  

The Outcome:  

With our help, our creative clients were confident they could ride out the tough times of the writers’ strike. Trusting us to handle their financial management, keep on top of HMRC requirements and listen to our advice on capital allowances helped them to stay afloat and get ready for better days ahead. 

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