Why a Chartered Accountant makes financial sense?

Why a Chartered Accountant?

Why not a zoo keeper, submariner, stunt man or even bounty hunter? There are some weird and wonderful jobs out there and, at least according to my mother, I could’ve been anything I wanted to be. My careers adviser however, suggested a path more suited to my skills, interests and qualifications – Chartered Accountancy.

Despite the gruelling CA exams and rigorous accountancy training I never doubted my choice and I am fortunate to have enjoyed a varied and rewarding career.

Why a Chartered Accountant not just an accountant?

Anyone can call themselves an accountant but as a Chartered Accountant (CA) I’m providing more than just accountancy services.

Chartered Accountants are multi-skilled with expertise in managing the business cycle from end to end, advising on associated risk and taking care of the more daunting areas of business such as complex tax planning and business strategy.

For any individuals or businesses hiring a CA it can be the difference between treading water and storming ahead financially.

Chartered Accountancy – the guarantee of quality

Historically, Chartered Accountancy was recognised worldwide as a guarantee of professionalism, business expertise and integrity. Today, this is still true but CA’s are also now viewed as the business experts shaping 21st century business practices, worldwide.

Here’s why

  • ICAS (CA governing body) demanding and ensuring the highest standards of professionalism from all members
  • Members following a strong ethical code of conduct protecting clients’ interests.
  • Tough exams in taxation, financial management, auditing, business strategy and planning, guaranteeing clients are hiring highly educated experts.
  • Rigorous training, guaranteeing the highest level of expertise in proactively managing the business, improving practices and taking care of the more daunting areas of business such as tax and business planning.
  • Highly experienced at managing every stage of the business cycle and adding value by improving business practices and identifying growth or decline early on.
  • Attending Continuing Professional Development courses and seminars, remaining up to date with innovative business ideas, keeping clients ahead of the competition.
  • Accessing cutting edge accountancy software, streamlining processes, saving clients time and money.

How to find a Chartered Accountant?

It’s vital you are working with the best adviser for you or your business. There are a number of ways to find a Chartered Accountant.

  • You can trawl the internet scouring for Chartered Accountants but this can be confusing and time consuming.
  • You can visit the official ICAS site  listing every Charted Accountant simply basing your search on service and location.
  • You can ask around. A personal recommendation from friends, family or colleagues is the way most individuals and businesses select a financial adviser they can trust.

When is the right time to take on a Chartered Accountant?

The answer: it’s never too early to call a professional but it can be too late.

Why ammu clients choose us?

The majority of our clients approach us through personal recommendations from existing clients and our network of business contacts.

Working closely with a broad range of start-ups and SMEs and adding value every step of the way we’ve built up a well-respected practice with a solid reputation as the tax experts and innovative business advisers to turn to.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, you are in a period of transition or your finances are concerning you call me on 0141 290 0262 or info@ammu.uk

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