How success in business is a marathon not a sprint.


Running a business is like running a marathon

My resolution this year is my biggest personal challenge to date – complete the London Marathon to raise funds for Action for Children.

My marathon journey has striking similarities to advice I give clients developing a business plan. To succeed you need a vision, objectives and a goal.

To reach your goal and make your vision a reality you must develop a plan and stick to it.

For a business this means a robust planning program, key milestones plus regularly reviewing performance to improve results. Likewise marathon training involves a training program, good daily habits and regularly reviewing progress.

The best advice I can give is focus on one goal.  For me the marathon. For you it might be to expand your business, take on staff or rent new premises. To avoid injuring your business and setting back progress choose to work with a business expert.

Business owners approach me, much the same way I did a personal trainer. Each with healthy knowledge and experience but lacking expertise to take performance to the next level.

Running a business or training for a marathon is not easy. There are good days and bad days but with the right support and training you will cross the finishing line.

At Murrison & Wilson our business is about improving your business. Get in touch now to achieve your business and tax goals for 2018 and beyond.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2018

Simon Murrison


P.S Read more about my London Marathon progress by visiting Simon’s Marathon Journey

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