Sky’s the limit for Accountants and Clients

With over five decades of experience in the world of accountancy we’re experiencing the biggest shift in our profession with the introduction of cloud based accountancy. This system is revolutionising and streamlining tax and accountancy services for us and our clients. We recently spent eight weeks migrating our clients to the new system and despite some minor teething problems along the way, we’re confident we selected the system best suited to our clients’ needs. Here’s why.

Why switch to a cloud based accountancy system? We embrace new technology when it helps us work faster, more efficiently and improving the service we offer our clients. Having reviewed a number of accountancy systems we decided to partner with Iris Software – the most secure, flexible system entirely compatible with the way we work.

“64% of small businesses in EU uses cloud and further 25% intend to adopt” *

Iris produces advanced account information allowing us a snapshot of how our clients’ businesses are performing. This allows us to intervene immediately if required and identify longer term trends to tailor advice for future growth. Meanwhile, behind the scenes Iris Software efficiently manages the financial and compliance side freeing up even more time to spend with our clients and focussing on business advice, business planning and business strategy.

This is a huge leap forward that means our clients are not only keeping on top of their finances but now staying ahead of the competition. If you have any specific questions on Iris Software or about our tax or accountancy services do not hesitate to call us on 0141 290 0262

Until next time Bruce & Simon

*Source: Quantitative Estimates of the Demand for Cloud Computing in Europe and the Likely Barriers to Uptake, IDC, July 2012