How is Cloud technology simplifying our working day?

Online banking is now common practice for most of us managing our home and business finances.  For some, however, uploading business sensitive information to a cloud accountancy system is still unknown territory and may need a little extra reassurance.

Having recently integrated our new accountancy software we’re delighted with the outcome and the advantages we can pass on to our clients.

It’s not only extremely safe and secure but it has streamlined all our tax and accountancy services. In turn it has streamlined our clients’ accountancy processes increasing productivity and saving time, money and quite a few admin headaches as you’ll discover in our last blog 10 reasons why a head in the Cloud benefits our clients’ businesses?

We now want to tell you about the advantages linked to specific services tax and accountancy services

Tax solutions

  • Superior tax planning based on real time data
  • Keeping up-to-date with UK accounting practices and VAT reporting
  • Streamlining tax return process
  • Meeting filing deadlines
  • Prescribed format for Companies house and HMRC
  • Customising tools to select date ranges to produce balance sheet and P &L for any date
  • Advanced warning of key tax dates
  • 98% HMRC acceptance rate

Accountancy Services

  • Strategic planning that identifies profitable avenues
  • Projections, forecasting and business planning based on real time data
  • Accurate account preparation & audits
  • Simplified form completion with single data entry
  • Bookkeeping easily updated and managed
  • VAT registration and compliant with new legislation
  • Automated processes to save time and increase accuracy


  • Simplifies payroll run
  • Digital payslips are easy to issue and store.
  • Auto enrolment compliant
  • PAYE compliance

Best wishes Simon & Bruce

If you would like some training on the Iris software or to talk with Bruce about specialist tax planning or Simon to discuss our accountancy services call 0141 290 0262.