Case Study: Window Manufacturer


An established window manufacturer with a excellent reputation was at risk of falling behind competitors. Rapid modernisation of their processes was urgently needed.


The challenge was moving all the data and processes from the legacy system to a modern system without the right IT skills and without disrupting business.

The solution was developing and customising an off the shelf EPOS system for the company’s unique requirements. First step was integrating bar coding for tracking products and writing linkages for the admin system. Next, outsourcing IT to external contractors and integrating the fitting side of the business – data security was paramount. They created an app synching it with the onsite cloud based system. Finally, creating and customising dashboards to control every aspect of manufacturing and fitting windows.


The development work and money spent on IT contractors was eligible for R&D tax credits. ammu spent a couple of hours with the management team and submitted a substantial claim to HMRC based on their project.

The claim resulted in a substantial cash injection into the business that was received over a 3 year period:

Year 1: £75k

Year 2: £54k

Year 3: £42

The window manufacturer is using the money to improve processes and buy new equipment.

Next Steps

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