Business Planning

How our business planning really worked.

Two years ago we sat down and wrote our business plan on paper and launched Murrison & Wilson.

In just under two years we’ve become a paperless accountancy practice growing our business through word of mouth.

The majority of time is spent advising business owners and private clients on the complexities and intricacies of business and tax planning.

How did we make the business leap forward?

Bruce and I identified dramatic changes in the world of accountancy some time ago. We shared the same vision and quickly spotted the need to adapt and stay ahead of changes.

The ability to stay ahead is down to us embracing new cloud technology from Iris early on.

Clients ‘paperwork’ is managed by us digitally.

Digital software has streamlined accountancy practices and is now increasingly more cost effective for ourselves and our clients.

Accountancy services taken care of.

At Murrison & Wilson we provide all the accountancy services required from preparing accounts for tax planning and tax reporting through to Payroll and Bookkeeping.

The noticeable difference is that every process has been streamlined digitally. Now it’s easier than ever to transact securely, accurately and quickly online.

Also, making it much more cost effective too.

Dealing with the numbers behind your business has become stress free as it’s taken care of in a single transaction.

Clients no longer need to juggle data, switch between spreadsheets and fear missing important deadlines.

Managing Communications: HMRC & Pensions Regulators

Better still. All the data for payroll and Auto Enrolment is held as Real Time Information (RTI) and reported in formats that are compatible with HMRC and Pensions Regulators.

Correct communication of data is vital to ensure no misunderstandings happen – misunderstandings which can lead to hefty fines and penalties.

To learn more read Bruce’s informative blog about Payroll RTI rules and Auto Enrolment


To bolster our service offering for clients we recently added Kashflow software to simplify bookkeeping and Auto Enrolment. It is the safest and easiest way to manage every transaction related to your business.

Read our Kashflow blog to discover more about gaining a better understanding of your business and gaining a harmonious relationship with the tax man.

Business & Tax planning support

Faster, accurate online transactions free up more time to spend maximising the business and tax advice and support we provide for all our clients.

New website for Murrison & Wilson

All our service offerings are housed under one roof in our recently revamped website redesigned with our clients in mind featuring: <>.

  • client log in area
  • blend of videos, tax tips, newsletters
  • blogs to help our business owners and private clients
  • social media links
  • free app
  • user friendly format

Social Media has got us hooked

Social media has played a large part in reaching out to our clients informally and in real time.

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have stimulated unusual debates between ourselves and clients and even provoked friendly rivalry between Bruce and myself in January when we held a Self-Assessment race (needless to say I won – sorry Bruce – better luck next year).

We would love to hear from you too if you would like to connect.

Ready to expand sooner than expected

The business plan from two years ago is already working. We have now moved to bigger premises at No 10 Newton Terrace.

Finally. A big, big THANK YOU to all our clients

At Murrison & Wilson we take great pride in the strong working relationships we have with our clients. As the great and the good say in all their award speeches ‘without you all this wouldn’t have been possible’.

Get in touch on 0141 290 0262 for a Free Consultation.

Best wishes


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