Making Tax Digital

Have you heard HMRC is Making Tax Digital?

Brexit and the US presidential race are dominating the news, not surprising that HMRC’s Making Tax Digital is not headline grabbing news.

It’s my strong belief that every tax payer ought to be made aware of the imminent HMRC digital changes ASAP.

The question is who’s responsible for making the information about the changes readily available and how do you reach and inform every tax payer?

The obvious answer is HMRC is responsible plus it holds the vast database of taxpayers details. The fact is HRMC is working hard to spread the word and using every communication tool available from paper to digital. Still, the message is not getting across fast enough for a number of reasons.

It’s human nature to resist change.  Many tax payers are not listening and are unwilling to face up to the reality of digital change, some think it will be delayed over and over again and most of all taxpayers don’t know how to access the digital software and apps needed to manage their tax accounts online.

Accountants are pushing the Government to make more information available for tax payers and many, like ourselves, are talking directly to you and all our clients to explain and simplify the whole process of transitioning to digital.

The message is slowly getting through. Many tax payers are now turning to accountants for the practical support needed to manage the digital transition.

In a series of blogs, online surveys and through social media we hope to spread the word quickly.

Can you help us?

We would welcome your help to gather more information about tax payers current knowledge of the Government ‘going digital’ process.

Please take part in our 2 minute survey on HMRC Making Tax Digital.

The survey results

Taking part in our survey helps us to gain a better understanding of what UK taxpayers need from accountants to help move you forward – digitally.

We will announce the results of the survey on Twitter, early December.

Thank you in advance

Bruce Wilson

Tax Expert. Murrison & Wilson

Get in touch @brucewilsontax or call 0141 290 0262 or email


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