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Don’t fall for fake HMRC Phishing scam

Since the dawn of the Internet, cyber criminals have been evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated scammers. SMEs are a great target for phishing scams. There’s plenty of similar businesses that can be attacked all at once that hold cash in the bank and valuable data to mine and rapidly sell on.

Time and time again business owners are tricked over the phone or by email into giving away private passwords, bank details and valuable company data including customer data.

The question is why does this happen over and over again to savvy business owners?

It’s down to the high level of sophistication of the criminals and their ability to replicate large organisations communications that easily convince the recipient it’s a legitimate request from a trusted provider.

Even HMRC has fallen prey to cyber criminals. Last week, a number of my clients received phony emails from an organisation claiming to be HMRC. Naturally wary my clients contacted me instead rather than clicking on the fake email.

HMRC responded to the threat quickly and issued a document detailing what information they ask for and from whom. Don’t fall prey to the latest scam. For anyone registered with HMRC please do read HMRC document for your own peace of mind and security. Here’s the link

Avoid phishing scams

  • To widen the net Phishing emails are issued in bulk and not personalised. If it says ‘Dear Customer’ be wary.
  • Poor spelling and bad grammar is a giveaway too.
  • Receive an unexpected or unsolicited email – do not open
  • Do not give up personal information the company should already have or provide private passwords they do not need.

Keep safe and avoid being a cybercrime victim

  • Invest in and keep your antivirus software up to date – always!
  • Do not click on dodgy email links that take you to the fraudulent site
  • Do not provide any personal information by phone, by email or via a pop up screen
  • Remain alert and suspicious and report any phishing scams to the police via Action Fraud

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