How to get value for money from your Accountant

As a business owner getting value for money from the products and services you use will undoubtedly affect your bottom line.

It should be your accountant’s no 1 priority to help save money – including providing you with value for money accountancy services.

 “Some accountancy firms are in touch twice a year and simply meet a tax deadline. In this day and age you should expect more value for money from your accountant.”

Here are 5 areas to consider when reviewing the services you receive from an accountant.

1)  Fees

The simplest way to help you is to provide low cost, fixed fees and flexible payment schemes.

The latest accountancy software is highly efficient at streamlining processes and there’s no excuse for accountants to be over charging you.

2)    Range of accountancy services

Can your accountancy firm help your business to grow and continue to support you?

Initially, you may only require one service such as book keeping from an accountant but to maximise any added value look at the range of services they offer.

Assess an accountancy firm in line with your current business requirements and look to the future. Ensure the accountancy firm is capable of providing a broad range of tax planning, business planning support as well as accountancy services.

3)    Level of expertise

It’s important that an accountancy firm has the range of skills, expertise and experience across a diverse range of sectors that they can draw upon to develop your business.

Equally important an accountancy firm should have managed businesses at every stage in the business cycle – from starting up to succession planning.

That way you can be confident you have a trusted business partner that’s adding value every step of the way.

4)    Qualifications

Are they part of a qualified body? The Chartered Accountants (CAs) are highly skilled accountants that sit tough exams and are highly regulated by a governing body. CAs are recognised worldwide as business experts and are held accountable by an external body that safeguards clients’ interests

You can read more about the business benefits of choosing a CA by reading how a chartered accountant makes financial sense

5)    Reputation

A good reputation gives you the confidence you are taking on a trusted business partner.

Look at the experience of staff on the company website and LinkedIn, read testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask outright about the types of businesses they’ve worked with and provide evidence that they’ve made a real difference to their clients.

Final Tip

Sit down with your accountant and set out your financial expectations for you personally and your business.

At Murrison and Wilson we make a point of meeting up regularly with our clients as we understand this is the best way to develop a strong, effective and trusted business relationship.

You can find out more about our company, about us and read what our clients say or get in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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