186 days to go …

What have I done?

Just landed at Heathrow after a lovely break in Dubai with my main supporter and better half to the news that I have secured a place in the London Marathon. To say we landed with a bang would be an understatement!

Like 350,000 others, I was in the ballot for a place but was unsuccessful however whilst the ballot was going on I had also been speaking to Action for Children about applying for one of their charity places.

Having left Heathrow 5 days previously I was starting to wonder if 2018 would actually be the year for me to take on this challenge. In the hand luggage was my ‘sorry you haven’t been selected’ magazine that I was going to take some time to read whilst I was away (the benefits of kids staying at home as we were having a late 10th wedding anniversary celebration holiday). Whilst enjoying the sunshine I did take the time to read it and picked up loads of tips but started to wonder – will I ever be able to put them to use?

And then …. the email that I had really wanted arrived. Not really sure how i made it through Passport Control or Customs such was the state of shock. How apt that i was in London when i got the news.

The state of shock soon turned to excitement as i shared the news with top supporters’ number 2 and 3 – the kids! Pure delight on their faces – not sure for me or whether it means they might get an extra day off school to let me recover before we travel home after the event.

And so as one journey came to an end perhaps the biggest journey was about to begin …

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