170 days to go …

It’s all started to feel quite real now and the realisation of what I have in front of me over the next 6 months.

The flights are booked (kids are pleased as it means they will get an extra day off from school) and I have been searching the internet for places to stay. Although I know London well (I was actually born there) it is taking a bit of time to work through transport logistics – where will be the best place to stay to get to the start line on the big day with as little hassle as possible and where is best for the family to spectate?

Starting to talk training plans with our coach (Colin) from the running club and he has advised to keep myself ticking over for the month of November and don’t do anything daft and we can think about getting the serious plans under way in December. I think I am going to go for a longer plan (some suggest you can do it in 12 weeks) but I think I need to ensure i do plenty of gym / core work to avoid injury.

Speaking of injury – time to man up and deal with the IT band issue – eek! This is going to be sore …..

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