145 days to go … Man flu kicks in

So after the last video things have gone a bit down hill with the training and I haven’t managed to do anything since last Monday night. On Wednesday morning of last week I woke with that most serious of illness – MAN FLU! As most of you males will agree this completely floors you!

Being serious, I have actually tried to be sensible with it and decided just to leave training and take the time to get over it properly which however frustrating has been the correct thing to do – any good coach will tell you at times you need to listen to your body and when training for a marathon you really need to do that.

Talking of coaches, I did manage a good meeting with Colin (our amazing coach at West End Road Runners) to start to shape the training plan in full. He completely agrees that I need to ensure I do the work in the gym as well as getting the miles under my belt. He is working on this just now but he was able to also give me some good guidance on keeping the miles ticking over for the next few weeks so I don’t burn out too early next year in training. You can find out more about Colin’s expertise here – he is quite an experienced runner and presenter on all things running.

Hopefully that is me over the worst of the man flu now and I should be back into training later in the week. I think the rest of the family will hope so – starting to act like a bear with a sore head around the house – need my fix of exercise soon!

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